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this is the first blog post and normally I am not the person who writes a lot and definitely doesn't write a blog. But I want to inform those interested in MiWorkplace and keep them up-to-date.

So everyone who has acquired a license is entitled for updates of the product. The question most people ask is: "When will the next release be out and what will be included in the new release?"

The big new features which will be included in the new release can be seen on the development pipeline page. But also smaller things which has been brought to my attention may get into the release ... and of course ... bug fixes =).

So when will the next version be released? My plan is to make a release every month or every second month depending on my progress on the tasks.

So the next release should come out in the mid October with more CL support. We'll see if this works out as planned =).

Happy coding!


Tags : Release