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SEU command alternatives in MiWorkplace

In SEU you need to know many commands for an action, in a graphical editor (like MiWorkplace) things are done differently as you have more options like text selection or scrolling and paging up and down. And some times you don't have a direct equivalent to a key command but you can achieve the same goal on a different route.

SEU: C , Cn , CC
MiWorkplace: Select the text via the cursor (either mouse or keyboard). MiWorkplace also lets you copy parts of a line instead of the whole line. With CTRL+A you can select the whole code. CTRL+C copies the text to the clipboard.

SEU: M, Mn, MM
MiWorkplace: Moving parts of the line can be achieved with selecting the text and then copying and removing the text in one move with CTRL+X. Then paste the code at the position you want with CTRL+V.

You can also move the lines up and down one or more lines. Just select the lines you want to move and press ALT+ARROW UP for move the selected line(s) one line up. The same goes for moving line(s) down with ALT+ARROW DOWN.

Duplicate lines
SEU: see Repeat
MiWorkplace: CTRL+SHIFT+D will duplicate the current line.

SEU: D, Dn, DD
MiWorkplace: CTRL+D deletes the current line. To delete only part of a line just use BACKSPACE or select the text and press DEL.

MiWorkplace: Use the Find/Replace dialog, CTRL+F

SEU: I, In
MiWorkplace: ENTER puts a newline at the current cursor position. SHIFT+ENTER will put a newline at the end of the current line and thus adding a blank line one line below the current line.

Shift left/right
SEU: L, Ln, LLn
MiWorkplace: First select the lines you want to move. SHIFT will move all selected lines to the right by one identation (4 spaces, see preferences). SHIFT+TAB will shift the lines to the left by one indentation.

SEU: O, On, OO
MiWorkplace: To replace a block of text with the text in the clipboard just select the text you want to replace and press CTRL+V to insert the text from the clipboard. The selected text will be replaced with the one from the clipboard.


Go to Start
SEU: TOP or enter line number 1
MiWorkplace: CTRL+POS1

Go to End
SEU: BOTTOM or enter last line number
MiWorkplace: CTRL+END

Go to specific line
SEU: n (enter line number)
MiWorkplace: CTRL+L opens a dialog where the target line number can be entered.

MiWorkplace: CTRL+S

Block Selection
The editor can also be put into block selection mode. The button is right to the editor tab title. You can now select a block of one or more columns and edit the text accordingly.

User Exits
Most user exits program are used to compose some lines of code like a template. MiWorkplace will support templates and snippets which will provide similar functionality.

See the key bindings for all available key combinations.

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