MiWorkplace - Editor for IBM i

New Release 1.5.0


I am quite happy to announce a new release of MiWorkplace.

This release fixes some bugs. The outline for RPG source code has been fixed on Windows. But the main feature of this release is the integration of ILEDocs into the editor.

Every curious RPG developer has probably heard or read about the revival of the ILEDocs project (now on Bitbucket). You can now much more easily share the program and API documentation with your fellow developers by uploading the documentation from the editor itself. You find the option in the context menus of the Remote Explorer and the editor (right click).

CL sources have a much better ILEDocs support than RPG sources. That is due to some "legacy" code which I will try to improve in the following releases.

If you have any questions about ILEDocs (f. e. installation) just drop me a mail.

Happy documenting!


Tags : Release