MiWorkplace - Editor for IBM i

New Release 1.6.0


I am really happy to announce a new release of MiWorkplace.

This is the first release after an extended time out and I am very happy that I am back. That said the new release doesn't come with so many new features. But it is the restart of my plan to do monthly or every second month releases. So there won't be many changes but you will get them as soon as possible.

This release contains a new view: Tasks. The Tasks view shows the TODO and FIXME comments in any CL or RPG code (**FREE not supported yet) so you can easily identify and navigate to things you yet need to do.

The other new feature is the import of code into either the IFS file system or QSYS filesystem (or in other words: stream files or source members). This new feature can be found in the Remote Explorer (specifically in the context menu of an IFS folder or source file).

Happy coding!


Tags : Release