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MiWorkplace for pub400.com 1.0.0


I am very happy to announce a new release of MiWorkplace. But wait ... I just released version 1.7.0 of MiWorkplace ... and yes, you are correct.

This is a special version just for all those developers who always have an excuse to not sit down, learn and make some progress with their IBM i skills because it always came with the IBM i price tag. But not anymore. MiWorkplace for pub400 is free of charge. You get all the features of MiWorkplace for free. The only limitation is that you can connect only to pub400.com which is a great platform for trying out new things.

Try the OSSILE project on github for some inspiration and hopefully motivation.

Don't forget to sign up for a new user at pub400.com.

You can find this version in the pub400 section on the MiWorkplace web site.

Happy learning!


Tags : pub400