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New Release 1.13.0


at last! It has been quiet for some time now but the new release is finished at last. I would never have thought that translating the UI would take so long. But now we can enjoy MiWorkplace in German.

If your environment is configured for German (locale de) then you automatically have the german translation. But you can also specify the language with a command line parameter.

-nl <locale>

So if you have a german environment and you want the english language (like me =) ) just add

-nl en

to the command line.

And as this change is a UI change you need to reset some persisted state with the parameter


You only need to start the application once with this parameter. You can safely remove it after that.

My command for starting MiWorkplace would look like this:

./miworkplace -data /home/mihael/.local/share/miworkplace -nl en -clearPersistedState

(-nl en because I want to have english language =) ).

So the translation took most of the development time. Some other things have also been finished like user defined actions. You can now specify a command to be used with the selected entry in the Remote Explorer. For example if you have a custom build command you can specify it in a user defined action. The input field for for the command supports content assist. Just enter CTRL+SPACE for a list of supported placeholders. You can manage the user defined actions in the preferences. A user defined action can be executed from the context menu of the Remote Explorer.

And as always you can find the new version and the full change log of MiWorkplace here in the download section on the MiWorkplace web site.

Frohes Schaffen!


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