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Objects Missing!?!

Object names on IBM i are not very descriptive by their nature with 10 characters for the name. Why some developers ruin the names with some weird prefix is beyond me. But everybody should be able to do as they please. Everybody has his style when it comes to names, formatting, etc.

MiWorkplace supports the naming syntax for objects in the QSYS filesystem which is

Every basic name can begin with the characters A-Z, $, #, or @ and can be followed by up to nine characters. The remaining characters can include the same characters as the first but can also include numbers 0-9, underscores (_), and periods (.). Lowercase letters are changed to uppercase letters by the system. Basic names used in IBM-supplied commands can be no longer than 10 characters.

This is from the IBM Knowledge Center.

And @everybody: PLEASE provide an email address when you ask a question or make a suggestion.

EDIT: It seems that on some machines you can actually create objects starting with the ยง character but I haven't figured out why it works in some cases and in others not.

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