MiWorkplace - Editor for IBM i

New Release 1.15.0


and again another release. This time the release cycle was even shorter \o/ .

There is not much to tell about this release. Some small things has been changed or fixed which results in a better user experience.

F. e. a version check has been added. It will check for a new version on startup, so you are always up-to-date. But you can also disable it if you like, see the preferences.

Most of the work was regarding the Outline view. Now you get an entry for the PEP (program entry point) for easier navigation. The global subroutines are also listed. For those of you who didn't know yet:

You can click on an entry in the outline to get to the declaration of it.

And as always you can find the new version and the full change log of MiWorkplace here in the download section on the MiWorkplace web site.

Happy coding!


Tags : Release