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New Release 1.17.0


and here we are with another release.

Hand-in-hand is a great topic for this release. Java and Javascript had not very much in common (besides the Java name part). But for some years now there is the Mozilla Rhino project which lets you run Javascript code on the Java VM. Oracle took that approach and started Project Nashorn, a Javascript Engine distributed with the normal Java Runtime Environment. Now what has that to do with MiWorkplace? Many things indeed!

This release includes a new internal Script Editor which lets you work on the normal editor text and more. And the tool you can access the editor text is *drumroll*


Now you can write a script in Javascript and access the editor code (document), the selected text range of the editor (selection) and *another drumroll* the AST. AST = Abstract Syntax Tree which powers many functions of the editor, f. e. content assist, hover support, outline, ILEdocs support, ...

var procedures = ast.listProcedures();
for each (var procedure in procedures) {

For convenience there is a new Console view which displays the print output of the internal Script Editor.

dark theme screenshot

Though the internal Script Editor has access to the normal editor content it is not limited to that. You can access the local filesystem or any resource on the internet.

The internal Script Editor is also a nice way of replacing those old custom SEU commands.

The user guide will contain a section which describes the internal Script Editor (it is not finished yet).

This release does not only has new features but there has also been some bugs fixed f. e. a displaying files with names beginning with a special character like ยง.

And another side effect of the move to the build tool Tycho is that the normal release of MiWorkplace and the special pub400.com release of MiWorkplace are executed in the same build step now. There is no extra work to be done for building both products. So for those who want to like to work on pub400.com and cannot afford a normal MiWorkplace can now use the pub400.com version which is on-par with the normal version.

And as always you can find the new version and the full change log of MiWorkplace here in the download section on the MiWorkplace web site.

Happy scripting!


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