MiWorkplace - Editor for IBM i

New Release 1.18.0


I finished another release of MiWorkplace. This time the focus lay more on a very current topic: REST and web services.

I have been active in the open source project ILEastic at github, lead by Niels Liisberg from sitemule.com, well known from the IceBreak server.

I think that this project will help people connect to other systems and software from IBM i using native languages like RPG without the need to jump through hoops just to get a simple web service up and running.

Many people will tell you that RPG cannot do it or it is especially painful to do it in any ILE language and you need some language and software which runs in PASE to do it.

THAT IS ALL B*******!!!

You can do it in RPG and it is no more complicated than in any other language.

ILEastic provides a very nice API for writing web services and MiWorkplace is there to support this with some extra features like the Jobs and Messages views and the new REST client view so that it gets even easier to develop and test REST services on IBM i.

I have also setup a demo which shows how to write, start and test a simple web service. Everything is done from within MiWorkplace. No other tools needed.

You can find the demo video in the videos section on the MiWorkplace website.

Happy web serving.


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