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New Release 1.20.0


and here we are again. Another release of MiWorkplace. \o/

The big topic I tried to tackle with this release was code folding. But the first attempt didn't work out that well (with no working result in sight) so I put it in the backlog and moved on so that you can have a release with some more new features than code folding (which would have probably taken quite a while to finish).

But instead of talking about what you didn't get in this release let's take a look at what you do get: Mainly more features in the content assist area.

Copybooks (includes) are now loaded automatically and the content of the copybook is added to the completion proposals of the content assist. The mouse over (hover) feature in the RPG editor is also using the content of the copybooks now. If the procedure, variable or constant is documented with ILEDocs you get also the documentation displayed. The only downside is that it only works for purely free RPG code. Fixed or mixed code is not supported.

Another new feature is a simplified filtering support of the Remote Explorer. You don't have to work with RegEx now anymore to filter your Remote Explorer view. Because of this new feature you need to redefine all previously defined filter criteria.

A little new feature for compiling source code has also been added. Compiling supported the use of environment variables and Java system properties for resolving placeholders in the compile command. You could have used this for specifying a target library for the compiled object. But his may vary from connection to connection. One way to solve this would be a different environment variable or Java system property per connection with a different name. This has now been made easier. You can now specify a property on the connection for the library of the compiled object. The reserved placeholder for this is ${object_library}.

Compile command placeholders are now also additionally trying to be resolved with the connection name as a prefix to the placeholder name.

F. e. with a connection name "opensource" the placeholder ${target_release} will be first tried to resolve with the an environment variable opensource_target_release and then with just target_release.

So now you can have the same placeholder names in the compile commands across all connections and use different values for the placeholders.

And as always you can find the new version and the full change log of MiWorkplace here in the download section on the MiWorkplace web site.

Happy coding.


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